Suddath Receives Prestigious CIO Award

Innovative “Tracker” Technology Brings Commercial Moving into 21st Century

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Aug. 21, 2018) – For more than a century, the main tracking tool for the corporate relocation industry amounted to little more than a pencil and clipboard. But now, industry leader Suddath® has revolutionized the way corporations experience major office and commercial moves–improving efficiency and visibility, reducing risk, and helping clients get back to work sooner.

The transformative process has been well-received by key Suddath clients, including the largest software company in the world, the largest U.S. online retailer and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Suddath estimates that Tracker produces a 10 percent improvement in the efficiency of moving crews and managers.

Suddath’s new “Tracker” system, which it developed and patented, eliminates a great deal of the disruption corporations contend with when moving – whether they’re moving across a corporate campus or across the continent. By keeping precise track of even the smallest items, the system lets clients know exactly where their inventory is and alerts them when it’s been delivered and set up. That means managers can know exactly when their employees can get back to their workspaces, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

The corporate world has taken notice. Tracker, proprietary technology developed by Suddath, has been so successful in transforming customer expectations that it was recognized as one of the elite CIO 100 Award recipients at a ceremony in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on August 15.

“Before Tracker, there wasn’t much a business could do but watch as their office equipment was packed up, loaded on a truck, and hauled away. Then they had to hope everything arrived on time,” said Mike Brannigan, president and CEO of The Suddath Companies. “Now we track every item, every step of the way. This means we can tell our clients where every stapler or desk chair is and when that employee can get back to where they’re most productive.”

Suddath has seen a strong increase in customer satisfaction since Tracker was launched. The tool allows managers to identify and fix problems sooner in the process, and lets clients know when issues have been resolved. It also allows clients to keep tabs on the status of particularly sensitive or valuable items as they go through the moving process.

Tracking software is familiar for the most routine online purchases, yet it has never found a place in the commercial moving industry – certainly not at this level of detail. But with Tracker, corporate managers now have all this information at their fingertips, 24/7, through an online portal.

Tracker was deployed on an account with America’s largest athletic brand. Users applauded the control and predictability the new level of transparency brought to managing their moves.

“Suddath’s Tracker technology has been very helpful in providing transparency on move projects, particularly when it’s not practical for stakeholders to oversee activities in person and on site,” said project manager Jane Snyder. “With Tracker, we now provide employees access to witness move progress in real time from wherever they are!”

Tracker is the first piece of a larger technology suite Suddath is developing to help both corporate clients and the company’s own managers as they navigate the complexities of large-scale corporate moves. 

In recognizing the transformative value of the Tracker system, CIO 100 said, "Every year, we are honored to showcase the technology innovation and business value delivered by our CIO 100 award winners. Each of these companies has achieved notable success in accelerating businesses to the front lines of the digital revolution," said Maryfran Johnson, Executive Director of CIO Programs for CIO Events and the CIO Executive Council. "This year's winners are inspiring examples of how IT leadership, business partnerships and customer engagement can reshape the future."

Pictured from left to right: 
Kosta Pamboukas, Account Manager, Suddath Workplace Solutions and Commercial Services
Timothy Meyer, IT Enterprise Architect Director, The Suddath Companies
Len O’Neill, Chief Information Officer, The Suddath Companies
John Tran, Business Program Manager for Suddath Workplace Solutions, The Suddath Companies