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Corporate Relocation Services in Charlotte Personalized to Your Needs

Whether you are an employee moving to or from Charlotte though a lump sum, or an HR specialist moving your employees to new locations, Suddath® is prepared with the exact resources, experts and assistance you need.

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Employee Relocation Made Easier

Is your employer paying for your corporate relocation with a lump sum? If you aren’t familiar with the relocation process, you might be confused as where to start. Luckily, Suddath is here to help make your employee relocation as easy and stress-free as possible.

Suddath has over 100 years of unrivaled moving and storage expertise. Our expert team at Suddath genuinely cares about the outcome of your move because we are always invested in your success. Regardless if you are moving just one box or packing up and relocating the contents of a three-story home, our skilled movers treat your belongings like they would their own.

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First-class Service Around the World

Because we offer a wide range of moving services like boxing, unboxing, debris removal and added third-party services, we handle all of the aspects of your relocation process so you can relax and focus on your new role.

Our established international partnerships reflect the quality of the seamless relocation experience we provide, regardless if you’re moving across the country domestically or internationally.

Additionally, Suddath’s cutting-edge features like our virtual relocation services survey, make it extremely easy to plan your move around your full schedule.

We are committed to constantly improving the employee relocation experience, so we go above and beyond other relocation companies by offering tailor-made solutions to fit with your specific needs.

Our services include:

  • Vehicle transport
  • Pet relocation
  • Wine transportation
  • Employee settling in services

3 Ways to Get a Moving Quote

Our goal is to make your time working with us in Charlotte as stress-free and pleasant as possible. We have three quote options for you to consider when you start the employee relocation process.

Find the option that will work fit best with your schedule and preferred communication style so you can get a jump-start on the move process today!


Quick and Easy Smartphone Video Estimate

Want a relocation estimate without leaving your home? Check out our in-home virtual move survey. This survey includes a member of our expert move coordinator team talking you through a video estimate all done through your smartphone.


Simple Online Form

Submit a request form and we will get in contact with you shortly to provide a free estimate and schedule an in-home visit with you.


Phone Assistance

Give us a call and our experts will help you decide which of our free moving estimates will work best for your schedule and lifestyle.



Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Custom Global Moving Solutions

Each client has unique and specific needs that require personalized employee relocation services. We offer a variety of relocation services, ranging from advanced lump sum technology to our elite VIP program, and highly-customize these solutions to meet your organizational goals.

We offer local, long-distance or international moves for groups or individuals, as well as ongoing strategy and support while managing the minute details.

Interested in a full suite of global mobility and relocation services, from pre-decision to destination? Partner with our relocation management company today!

Reduce Employee Downtime with Expert Services

All of our programs are compliant and specifically designed to lessen risks while cutting down your employee downtime after a move. This is a key benefit because it means you can focus on your main objectives while your employees are productive in their new position.

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Tactical Approach with a Customized Touch

Suddath’s dedicated team of experts are committed to understanding and implementing your company culture so they can serve as an extension of your team. Our employee relocation coordinators are trained to handle all of the details while ensuring that your company will stay ahead in this fast-moving business world. If you’re in Charlotte, NC, let Suddath handle your employee relocation services so we can help you grow your business.

Our unmatched relocation services include:

  • Policy review, development and benchmarking
  • Tailored key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Innovative technology, analysis and strategy development
  • Access 24/7 to key data
  • An extensive quality assurance program with measurable metrics
  • Customized industry updates and insights into issues and trends through our partnership with The RES Forum