Air Freight

Air freight forwarding: where credentials count

Suddath® puts its credentials as a licensed air freight forwarder and IATA/CNS endorsed agent to work on your behalf, removing barriers like cost, licensing and clearance. We can help you meet customer demand faster by booking your air cargo directly with commercial, international and chartered carriers. Our global network of agents and strategists handle all the details, preventing delays so your freight gets to its final destination on time and without extra costs.

Suddath also operates a TSA-Certified Cargo Screening facility that processes your air freight cargo safely and securely through our warehouse and onto the aircraft.

Total supply chain visibility

Track every detail of your shipment with our freight forwarding system, which gives you visibility from the highest level down to the granular level. Whether shipping as air cargo or through other modes, you’ll have easy, mobile and web-based access to your entire supply chain and can custom filter your view to see even individual purchase orders. To us, standing out among air freight companies means always bringing our customers newer, faster ways to meet demand.

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