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Moving your home is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Our team at Suddath® understands all the large and small ways that we can make the experience as painless as possible. We start off with thoughtful guidance from your move coordinator, who will help you with a personalized plan.

Your move plan will include any services you may require beyond a standard household goods move, such as professional packing, storage options or anything else you may need to get you to your destination. No matter what, with our team by your side, you can focus less on stress, and more on where you’re headed.

If you’re ready to get started, the first step in your home move is to request a move quote from one of our experts. If you aren’t quite ready to schedule your move and want to learn more about Suddath and our services, keep reading or click on the links below to learn about our services, process and moving philosophy.

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Our goal is to be the easiest moving company to work with. To get started, select one of three methods to obtain a moving quote that fits within your schedule and level of effort.


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It’s not about what you’re moving, but how you move it

Suddath is a full-service moving company. That means we don’t have a one-size-fits-all service offering – we offer a personalized experience based on your unique needs. You can feel confident knowing that we will never throw boxes and furniture in the back of a truck. Based on hundreds of hours of training and experience, we expertly pack and wrap each item and take the time to understand your unique needs and some items that may require specialized attention.

That personalization can mean many things, including:

Planning your move

To start, your move coordinator will factor in peak moving times, holidays and traffic patterns in order to recommend a moving date – if you don’t already have a specific one in mind. They will also provide you with valuable advice on packing, supplies and other helpful moving tips.

Over our century of experience moving people all over the world, we have learned that preparation is key. That’s why we’ve pooled our knowledge into helpful moving tips, blogs, guides and checklists.

Full-service packing and unpacking

To keep your belongings in the same condition as they were at the start of a move, we use our tried-and-true protection materials. This includes pad wrapping your heavy or delicate furniture, and materials to protect your floors, walls and doors.

Sticking to your budget is a high priority for us – not only do we make sure that you’re clear on what you’ll be paying, but we walk you through our options, including their benefit and cost. We provide assistance that ranges from full-service packing and unpacking to do-it-yourself packing options.


Sometimes during a home move, you realize you just can’t take it with you. Suddath can absolutely step in and assist. We provide secure household goods storage, and in locations and climates that need it, we offer temperature- or climate-controlled storage. This means no matter the season, your belongings are protected.

Get to know us

Get to know your home movers

We take moving personally at Suddath, because we have been helping people move locally, nationally and internationally since 1919. We’ve been around that long because we know that retaining trust means a commitment to customer service, care and attention to detail.

Those values are reflected in the intense the training and qualifications of every one of our people. Wherever your life is going, we’ll help you get there.

Let’s get moving

No matter who you choose for your home move, the important thing is that you understand your rights during this process. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has detailed consumer protection regulations, and it has provided a downloadable consumer guide to walk you through what those rights, rules and regulations are.

Feel like you’ve heard enough? Click the yellow button below to get your free, no-obligation moving quote. If you still have questions, give us a call! We love talking about moving almost as much as we like helping you do it.

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