Case Study: Moving the Oldest Newspaper Publication in Florida

Relocating 150 years’ worth of history with The Florida Times-Union. Watch the video to see how we did it.Relocating 150 years’ worth of history with The Florida Times-Union
Watch the video to see how we did it

Video transcription:

Mary Kelli: The Florida Times-Union has been in existence, it or its predecessors, has been in existence for more than 150 years, and we have been the voice of the First Coast. Thousands of people came before us here and so there was a lot of work for that for people to have to do. But the actual physical move from one location to another—it was pretty seamless.

David: Wow so the move was kind of a big thing for us. There’s no downtime, you can’t slow down. Your customers, you can tell your customers ‘oh we’re moving,’ no that’s not their problem. It’s something we have to deal with. And I’ll tell you it was a smooth move from the moment we walked in here. Everything was ready, set to go, and we were back in business. It was totally seamless, I mean there was no hiccup, there was no interruption in what our day was and that’s what we look for. I mean we can’t afford downtime, so we have to keep everything moving smoothly and Suddath allowed us to do that, and that was great.

Dan: With The Florida Times-Union it is critical for them, because of the deadlines that they have with the paper, that we kept them up and running throughout the entire process. As we took a look at the overall operational plan for it what we did was came in and provided, from a technology standpoint, the disconnect [and] reconnect of their computers, but the disconnect [and] reconnect is one that a lot of times you’ve got multiple vendors that are handling that. There’s a timing sequence that has to take place when you’re moving technology and workstations where we’re able to consolidate that under our umbrella. We’re the ones that are a single point of contact, so we know when we disconnect we’re moving the computers out immediately, that we’re getting the furniture out, getting it in place, setting the furniture back up, and then putting the workstations and computers right back on it so there’s no gap between, that it’s seamless from the customer’s standpoint.

Mary Kelli: I think that a company like Suddath or The Florida Times-Union is still in business as long as it is because they do good work and they value the customer. I think maybe and, in part, this is just maybe something I saw a lot if in Suddath that I saw an organization that cared about its customer, The Florida Times-Union in this particular case, and went out of its way to make sure that it was doing things the right way. I have a feeling you all would have done that 75 years ago, but it was great to see it at the 100-year mark.

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